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Relocation Loans

Moving house is something most Australians will do a number of times in their lives. When they take out a home loan for 30 years, it’s not often they will live in that home for the same amount of time. That is why a relocation home loan can be a great idea. Relocation loans are a smart move for people going places who need regular repayment schedules, zero refinancing costs and the ability to adjust to changing times. Whether you are relocating your house, moving home loans or just moving home, Mortgage House understands customers expect convenience and savings. We can provide plans that are individually tailored and ready for approval, taking some stress away from moving house.

There are a few different relocating mortgages to choose from, and Mortgage House can help you find a suitable option for you and your family. Maybe you have found your perfect home for sale and want to buy it before someone else does. Or maybe you’re interested in the relocation feature of your home loan and want to take your current home loan with you when you move. You may also need extra money while you are waiting to relocate. Your current home and your new one may require some work prior to sale, or before you move in. Mortgage House Lending Specialists can give you advice on how to move a loan, what relocating mortgages are suitable and how moving home loans may be beneficial. Speak to us about extending time frames to make moving house easier, and maybe even including a little extra cash for those moving house emergencies.