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About Toggle Offset Home Loans

Our home loan range provides you with the benefits of a fixed rate home loan together with the benefits of a variable rate home loan. This mortgage was created to help borrowers such as yourself minimise the risk of a constantly-changing economy while drawing a benefit from it.

This innovative mortgage allows you to maximise interest savings through our intelligent ‘toggle offset’ system where half of your loan is fixed and the other half is variable.

One offset account is linked to the variable portion and another offset account is linked to the fixed portion. You can then ‘toggle’ between the two to optimise your savings in interest.

No need to decide whether you want a fixed interest home loan or a variable one as you can truly get the best of both worlds.


  • You have flexibility to move money around between the two offset accounts to reduce the amount of interest payable

  • You're able to offset both the Fixed and variable portions of the this home loan

  • Make additional repayments on both portions of the home loan without attracting additional charges

  • 50% of the loan is variable and can benefit from any reductions in interest rates


  • You won't receive the full benefit of interest rate reductions that a variable home loan provides

Our Toggle Offset Loans

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