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There are some steps that everyone should take prior to narrowing down mortgage choices or real estate investment options. Investigate your borrowing power and mortgage potential with Mortgage House online calculators, such as the Mortgage Borrowing Calculator, and when you are ready for pre-approval or a new loan, contact your Mortgage House lending manager.

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Important Disclaimer: This is intended as a guide only. Details of terms and conditions, interest rates, fees and charges are available upon application. Mortgage House's prevailing credit criteria apply. We recommend you seek independent legal and financial advice before proceeding with any loan. The Comparison Rate for each of the home loan products contained in this page is based on a loan of $150,000 over a 25 year term. Fees and charges may be payable.

WARNING: The comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. * This mortgage calculator shows indicative repayments based on 12/26/52 equal repayments for monthly/fortnightly/weekly options.

What information does a borrowing calculator give me?

The borrowing calculator provides clear information regarding your potential mortgage. The calculator is cleanly designed and easy to use, offering a tailored Mortgage House service as an alternative to the uncomfortable appointments often experienced with the big banks and other lenders.

With the Mortgage House Borrowing Calculator, you can personalise the terms, rates and conditions and get an accurate picture of your overall financial commitment. You can compare dozens of loan types and products offered by Mortgage House, using mortgage borrowing calculator inputs that include:

  • Interest Rate
  • Loan Period
  • Income (you and your partner)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Other Expenses
  • Credit Card/Loan Repayments

The mortgage borrowing calculator is a powerful tool that places control back in the hands of the borrower, allowing follow-up with a Mortgage House lending manager to be productive and progressive.

What mortgage repayment frequency should I choose?

Your mortgage is a long-term commitment that needs to be as stress-free as possible. After all, everyone experiences ups and downs, and keeping some money in reserve for overcoming unforeseen difficulties is highly recommended. On the other hand, if your financial position is strong, it’s a good idea to make your money work for you by paying off the mortgage sooner and saving thousands on interest repayments.

Loan repayment schedules include weekly, fortnightly and monthly options, and close inspection of repayments will uncover savings worth considering. For example, if you pay monthly, you will make 12 mortgage repayments per year, whereas by paying fortnightly you will make 13 mortgage repayments per year.

The Mortgage House Borrowing Calculator provides valuable overall guidance, allowing you to determine a ‘ball-park’ mortgage amount prior to further discussions. Experiment with the mortgage borrowing calculator, toggle between loan styles and schedules, and experience why Mortgage House is a multi-award-winning lender known for providing the best loans available.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator

The interest rate for the loan.
% p.a.
What is the length of time to repay the loan?
How much do you want to borrow?
What is the type of the loan?

& Interest

Interest Only

Your Repayments

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly
  • Monthly

$1,798.65 per month

Important Disclaimer: This is intended as a guide only. Details of terms and conditions, interest rates, fees and charges are available upon application. Mortgage House’s prevailing credit criteria apply. Please note that your actual fortnightly repayment would be equal to the monthly repayment amount divided by two. Weekly repayments would equal the monthly repayment amount divided by four. If you choose to pay fortnightly or weekly, your actual repayments will be higher than repayments shown on this page. You can reduce the term of your loan if you choose to make repayments fortnightly or weekly. We recommend you seek independent legal and financial advice before proceeding with any loan.

What home loan products can I choose from?

By working out your borrowing power, you will be able to look at home loan products with confidence, knowing that your chances of pre-approval and a successful loan application are good. At Mortgage House, we aim to deliver a competitive advantage to our customers, along with additional incentives and savings. We work with you, providing the knowledge and industry experience required to ensure your mortgage is a sound long-term investment.

The range of home loan products offered by Mortgage House is extensive, whether you are a first home buyer, second home buyer, investor or renovator. With a simplified borrowing process and extremely competitive rates, Mortgage House customers enjoy the flexibility to adapt when opportunities arise, with a minimum of fuss and maximum profitability. Mortgage House home loan products include:

  • First Home Buyer: Streamlined systems and competitive rates make Mortgage House a genuine first home buyer alternative to the major banks.
  • Second Home Buyer: When it’s time to consolidate your holdings and increase equity our second home buyer products have all the bases covered.
  • Investor: Mortgage House offers several pathways that can help you pay off the investment property and reap financial rewards sooner than you think.
  • Refinancer: Take the middle path during life’s ups and downs by taking out a Mortgage House Refinancer Loan and maintain your quality lifestyle.
  • Construction: There is no more exciting time than when building a new home, and we have loans to help you maintain enthusiasm during every phase of the build.
  • Renovation: Your home is your castle, and with a Mortgage House Renovation Loan, your castle can expand, increase in value, and always look its best.
  • Relocation: Sometimes, relocation is the answer, so why not take the loan product with you to your next address, courtesy of Mortgage House.
  • Self Employed: We understand you may have little documentation or irregular income, but if the figures add up, we will find the right loan product for you.
  • Family Pledge: It’s a luxury to have a family to fall back on for financial support, and Mortgage House can manage loan formalities with a Family Pledge arrangement

Mortgage House understands that a mortgage that lasts for decades needs to be adaptable and evolve with household and lifestyle changes. We are proud to be one of Australia’s most successful lenders with customer satisfaction levels that are the envy of our competitors. It’s not so difficult really: we simply listen to our customers and couple the above home loan products with specifics that include:

  • Fixed Rate Loan: A fixed rate loan is ideal when you require certainty regarding regular mortgage repayments.
  • Variable Rate Loan: Variable rate loans usually allow borrowers to make additional lump sum repayments without incurring a fee.
  • Toggle Offset Loan: Half fixed and half variable rates so you can toggle between the two to optimise interest and savings.
  • Portable Loans: Moving to a new address would be easy if you could take your existing loan with you, and Mortgage House makes it happen.
  • Split Home Loan: You get to choose the fixed and variable percentages of your mortgage, allowing split home loan savings to work for you.
  • Interest Only Loan: This very useful temporary measure allows you to minimise repayments while your asset increases in value.
  • Line of Credit: Similar in function to a credit card, your line of credit allows you to borrow and repay a specified amount repeatedly, without the need for a new contract.
  • Low Doc Loan: A lack of documentation shouldn’t affect your solid work history, and Mortgage House will work with you to find a suitable home loan product.
  • Bridging Loan: Timing is important in real estate purchases, so Mortgage House offers competitive bridging loans to tide you over during time-consuming transitions.

How does a mortgage repayment calculator work?

The Australian mortgage and lending industry is highly competitive, and customers are drawn-in by offers and incentives that aim to clinch the deal. However, deeper investigation is required to ensure you don’t sacrifice long-term savings for short-term profit. Our mortgage calculator, on the other hand, offers a clear guideline regarding your borrowing power and loan potential.

Although only a guide, the mortgage borrowing calculator and other calculators are an extremely useful backup for times when you want to evaluate your loan’s performance, tweak the details or change to an entirely different mortgage product. At Mortgage House, we provide all the options you expect from a personalised service, while also providing valuable first-hand loan manager assistance whenever you are ready to discuss your plans and objectives.

It’s also worth understanding that mortgage calculators don’t take all fees, charges and penalties into consideration. An accurate and honest appraisal of your own financial situation is essential, including your savings, debts and assets.

What results do I get from a repayments calculator?

The results you get from the mortgage borrowing and repayments calculator are extremely useful, and when combined with information gleaned from our other calculators, you will be armed with almost everything you need for a successful Mortgage House loan application.

The mortgage repayment calculator is simple to use. Enter your desired loan amount, loan period, interest rate and loan type, along with your preference regarding introductory rates. Once you input your details, results will display your regular repayments and total amount payable, with the addition of an easily understandable graph to put you fully in the picture.

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Why choose Mortgage House home loans?

Your home loan mortgage will likely be the biggest investment you ever make and getting it right the first time can make the difference between financial success or disaster. That’s why Mortgage House representatives remain approachable and accessible, providing convenient opportunities for you to discuss your objectives and plan for a satisfying future.

We stand behind our products and services that have been continually developed and refined since 1986, when Mortgage House was established. Our success is a reflection of our customer satisfaction, and the widely recognised Mortgage House reputation for best value loans is proof that our efforts are paying dividends, with Mortgage House customers the big winners.

Our rates are the most competitive in the industry, thanks to our streamlined business methods and established partnerships with major financial partners. Mortgage House was established as a genuine alternative to impersonal banks and lenders that sign you up and say goodbye without another word. Mortgage House does the opposite: always remaining open and alert for opportunities that will save you money for the entire duration of your loan.

If you are considering purchasing a new home or investment property or require any other type of loan to complete your project, look no further than Mortgage House for home loan products and solutions, and get your project started.

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